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About Us

Lovemore Lawyers is a boutique law firm based in Rockdale in the St George region of Sydney. The firm specialises in providing legal advice, representation, and services within the areas of family law, criminal law, and immigration law.

Led by the three-time world boxing champion in two weight divisions, Lovemore Ndou, we endeavour to provide satisfaction to our clients in a friendly environment.

At Lovemore Lawyers, we pride ourselves on delivering desired results to happy clients. Like Lovemore always says, “I will fight hard for you like the champion that I am”.

At Lovemore Lawyers, we offer pro bono services to indigenous people. The incarceration rate of Aboriginal people in Australia is disproportionate and there appears to be significant injustices visited upon them on a systematic basis. As principal of Lovemore Lawyers, I have painful memories of my upbringing in South Africa where injustice was rife and I am determined to do my bit to aid Australia’s indigenous folk in any way I can to make sure they are treated with respect and equanimity under the law.

If you need advice on a legal matter, please get in touch with us on (02) 8937 2744 to organise a consultation.